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A quintessential educational philosophy. A world-class Singaporean enrichment centre with a touch of the Ivy League, Oxbridge and Nordic innovation.

① Education. Thoughtfully designed and curated for the future, by people who know what you need. The name Academia reflects our promise to train our students to be the cleverest.

② We use our combined intellect and expertise to help the next generation navigate a world designed for the global 5% elite: a high-capitalist world where communication skills, critical thinking and economic expertise are paramount.

③ Automation and technological innovation have already made last-century skills obsolete. Higher-order qualities such as creative awareness, design thinking and personal branding will create the next generation of thought leaders and influencers. Outside of STEM, the humanities are a passport to the world of the global financial, managerial and entrepreneurial class.

④ At the same time, we understand that learning should not be laborious, but rather a labour of love. This is where a philosophy of learning as a lifestyle has been transformed into a seamless 360° learning experience.

⑤ A supportive environment that pushes you forward – not off a cliff, but across a bridge. On a journey to a future that transcends boundaries. Academia will help you get to your future desired self, every step of the way.


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A 14-Step Process for Situational Writing

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T2W2 L1 Being Punctual [L1T2P1PUNCT01]

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T2W2 L0 A Burglary [L0T2P1ABURG01]

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5 Reasons Why Our Economics Programme Is the Best

If you are a Junior College student taking Economics at the GCE A Levels and International Baccalaureate in Singapore, we’re here to tell you that our Economics programme is simply the best. An exciting collaboration between Academia and Adam Smith Center, we’ve designed this programme to deliver your A grade


A Medley of Marvellous March Holiday Programmes

This March, our best-loved holiday programmes return to intrigue and delight. As always, these English programmes focus intensively on writing well, incorporating high-level ideas and techniques that real writers use to think creatively. ① A Foundation Writing Adventure Go on a writing adventure with your exuberant guide, Ms Emmanuel. She'll


Secondary Literature Programme

We are pleased to formally announce the details of our new Secondary Literature Programme. Academia’s Literature Programme is designed to cater to the needs of students’ individual school literature programmes and texts. The lesson structure is based on a group consultation model, tailored to each individual student.  This model was


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The Academia library is a selection of our carefully crafted, designed and curated materials and resources. All developed in-house by our hardworking team of writers and educators, naturally.

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A Quintessential Philosophy


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We’re a high-powered and intellectual community of educators, drawing from a plurality of specialised backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We work with people who understand how the global economy is changing and select those who can push your child towards excellence.

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Our Academic Levels are perfectly pitched so our students get a fast-paced and engaging learning environment. Data, collected from a diversity of schools, enables us to cater to the highest educational requirements.

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