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A triumvirate of educational perspectives. The highly lauded Singaporean system with a touch of the Ivy League and Oxbridge.

Education. Redesigned for the future. The name Academia reflects our promise to train our students be the cleverest and brightest. We use our combined intellect and expertise to help the next generation navigate a world designed for the global elite: a brave new world where communication skills, creativity and critical thinking are paramount. Automation and technological innovation have already made last-century skills obsolete. Higher-order qualities such as creative awareness, design thinking and personal branding will create the next generation of thought leaders and influencers. At the same time, we understand that learning should not be laborious, but rather a labour of love. Academia is where intellectual rigour, language sophistication, and sheer drive converge into a seamless 360° learning environment.


Briefing - Educational Perspectives

Knowledge & Power

How to Survive the Examination Crunch

There’s a certain unique buzz that occurs only when the exams are around the corner. The canteen fills with students debating spiritedly about various exam topics. Several once-quiet corners become occupied by preoccupied faces scouring their handwritten notes and papers. The library becomes crowded once again, the cool air permeated

Personal Branding & Well-Being

The Power of Slightly Negative Thinking

Is your glass half empty or half full?The classic expression that determines whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist is so well-known that it has often been used to refer to different personality types. If you step out into the world feeling confident, you’re already won half the battle. You

Global Trends

Be Smart: The Ultimate Future-Proof Lifestyle

A wise leader said that we need to eat other people’s lunches to survive. We agree completely - the inexorable trends of globalisation and computer automation will completely transform your child’s future in a world built for the global 1%. Our suggestion for future-readiness is simply to be smart: to


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The Academia library is a selection of our carefully crafted, designed and curated materials and resources. All developed in-house by our hardworking team of writers and educators, naturally.

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A Quintessential Philosophy


Fellows - The Brains

A Culture
of Excellence

We’re a high-powered and intellectual community of educators, drawing from a plurality of specialised backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We work with people who understand how the global economy is changing and select those who can push your child towards excellence.

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Tutorials - class schedules

We sort our students according to Academic Ability and Achievement levels, pitched perfectly to help them grow in confidence and get the right push. Overachieving students are placed in higher-level classes, dramatically accelerating their intellectual development.

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