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A trifecta of educational perspectives. The prestigious Singaporean system with a touch of the Ivy League and Oxbridge.

The name Academia reflects an awareness of how important it is to ensure a rigorous academic foundation in English, particularly in a world where communication skills, creativity and critical thinking are paramount. At the same time, learning a language need not be laborious, but can also be a labour of love. It’s all the more important for a language that pays lifelong dividends among the global elite.

We believe that today’s students require deep skills that go beyond the rote memorisation and regurgitation of facts that characterised education in the last century. In a world where automation and technological innovation will make last-century skills obsolete, higher-order qualities such as creative awareness, design thinking and personal branding also come into play. Academia represents the synthesis of perspectives gleaned from the institutions that set the global educational agenda.


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Knowledge & Power

Building the Write Muscle

The task of having to build the right muscles is not reserved for professional athletes alone. Writers, too, must work hard at their craft and train their creativity. As most of us know, creativity is now an overused buzzword – yet its importance to students continues to increase. The paradoxical


Building a Literary Portfolio: The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay 2017

The 3-day holiday workshop is aimed at helping young budding writers craft a substantial and remarkable piece of writing to be submitted for the renowned Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition. On the first day, students will be asked to brainstorm on the theme – ‘A Commonwealth of Peace’ – and the

Global Trends

The Rise of the Portfolio Child

These days it is obvious enough to most parents that the concept of a modern education is undergoing a dramatic redefinition. Sophisticated parents who are in touch with global trends know that examination scores, on their own, just aren’t enough to get ahead. Teaching to the test has become outdated


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Information overload, fussy language and a general lack of quality: this is the prevailing paradigm of today’s disposable assessment book culture. As language lovers first and foremost, we are pushing in a new direction. Our digital library has been conceptualised as a punctiliously curated selection of our materials and resources. All developed in-house by our hardworking team of writers and educators, of course.

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A Quintessential Philosophy


Fellows - The Brains

A Diverse and
Inclusive Team

A collaborative and collegial community, drawing from a diversity of specialised backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We work with people who understand how the global economy is changing and select the brainiest in order to achieve a dynamic equilibrium of knowledge.

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We sort our students into Academic Ability and Achievement (AAA) levels, pitched perfectly to help them grow in confidence and get the right push. So if your child moves rapidly, we move along with them.

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