We couldn’t be more delighted with your results this year, PSLE Class of 2016!

38% of you achieved A*

94% of you achieved A or A*

100% of our GEP students achieved A

More than 80% improved at least one letter grade (A to A*, B to A etc.) in Upper Primary.

Most importantly, for most of you, it was your first time getting such a distinguished grade. This means that you managed to outdo yourselves and reach a new level of peak performance. We know that the skills you picked up this year will continue to sustain you as you enter the next stage of your school careers.

Some of you have also distinguished yourselves by getting an extremely high T-score, in addition to your A* for English. We will be honouring you in the days to come. In a time when excellence seems to be undervalued, we know that you will continue to quietly impress and forge ahead of the pack.