This year, we decided to launch the Academic Book Prize to students who have managed to distinguish themselves in their achievements in English and writing.
We considered a plethora of interconnected factors, including academic results, but also creativity and intellect, progress made throughout the year, spiritedness, and of course, sheer hard work. Thank you for making Academia a vibrant, intelligent and creative community.
Here is one of our book prize winners:
“Doing well in English is all about having the right foundation. Even if you’re a late bloomer, you just have to dedicate the time and effort to learning the language, and you can attain your desired results. You need to set your mind and soul to slowly refining the techniques, and always continue to improve your skills. There is no utmost perfection when it comes to language. Just develop a love for it and continue learning because even after you have achieved excellent results, learning simply never stops.”

– Matthew Oh, 11