DSA can be a stressful experience. Nothing in your child’s career at school will have prepared them to showcase their talent and aptitude this way. The DSA interview process demands that candidates answer confidently, yet humbly; the personal statement requires applicants to describe their achievements, demonstrate character and show self-awareness without being arrogant. We know what the schools are looking for and can mentor your child through the process. Practice and exposure are essential for DSA success, and we will provide this over the four days.

By the end of the workshop, students will have learned how to get through the interview with the right body language and appropriate responses, with exposure to all the usual question types (as well as the more exotic questions). They will also have crafted a personal statement that they can use to apply to various DSA schemes. We will also provide a recorded video of a personal mock interview, so they can continually refine their interview skills.

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