The 3-day holiday workshop is aimed at helping young budding writers craft a substantial and remarkable piece of writing to be submitted for the renowned Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition.

On the first day, students will be asked to brainstorm on the theme – ‘A Commonwealth of Peace’ – and the given questions. They will undergo a variety of guided creative writing exercises that have been tailor-made for the purposes of this competition.

On the second day, students will look at the various elements that comprise a narrative. Then they will be exposed to three different literary forms and be given the opportunity to create their own works.

On the final day, students will undergo a traditional workshopping session where they will be given ample time to work on their essays, with one-on-one feedback to help spur the writing process.

Academia will allow students to perfect their works and email us a typewritten copy that we will then submit on their behalf.

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