Fellows - The Brains

Johann Loh (JL) - Managing Director

Mr Johann Loh was a national top student, a Rafflesian who graduated magna cum laude (high honours) from Princeton University. Originally hailing from a neighbourhood primary school, he was selected to join the GEP at NYPS. An academic high-flyer who won multiple prizes in Literature at RI and RJC, he received a full scholarship from Princeton University and spent one year across the pond at Oxford. After completing some postgraduate work with renowned philosopher Peter Singer, he was about to begin his PhD at Cambridge when he had a change of heart and decided to pursue his love for language in the private educational sector. He has been a language consultant and writer for a portfolio of high-profile clients including Singapore Management University, Louis Vuitton, Citibank, and BNP Paribas, among others. He is also the co-founder of the independent publishing house Beard & Balloon. Learn more at johannloh.com.

Sherman Tseng (ST) - Director of Teaching & Curriculum

Mr Sherman Tseng is the former Vice-Principal at a well-regarded primary school with years of insider experience behind him. Also a former Department Head of English, he brings precision and clarity to teaching pedagogy and curriculum development. A previous recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award in 2007 from the MOE, his passion for teaching is evident from the legions of students whom he has taught. Bringing PSLE marking and exam-setting expertise is only part of the equation, as Mr Tseng also possesses a creative and innovative teaching methodology to help students gain a handle on the proliferating demands of the new English PSLE. His highly-acclaimed parents’ workshops have been in great demand every year as he knows how to triangulate between the needs of students, parents and the local syllabus. Mr Tseng also has a keen interest in developing a multimedia approach to language development, a trend which the educational landscape is likely to pursue even further in the years to come.

Dr Neil Laurence Coomber (NLC) - Director of Pre-University Studies & Business English

Highly respected by his former students, Dr Neil Laurence Coomber spent five years teaching General Paper at Raffles Institution, where he set examination papers ranging from Prelims and Promos to Common Tests. He possesses exam setting, marking and standardisation expertise, having developed school curriculum and infopacks for a variety of themes. His teaching skills are highly regarded by those who have had the good fortune to study under him and his legendary General Paper notes are highly sought after. Prior to teaching in Singapore, he taught English to MBA, graduate and business students internationally. His impeccable credentials include a PhD from Oxford University supervised by the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Oxford University, Professor Dame Jessica Rawson, as well as a Certificate in Teaching Gifted and Talented Students from Purdue. He has trained at the Raffles Teaching Academy and NIE and many will remember him as the Master of Ceremony during the quintessential school rugby finals for several seasons running. He knows how to guide students with their UCAS applications and testimonials to top universities, ranging from Oxbridge to the Ivy League.

Juliana Rita Nathan (JRN) - Senior Teacher

Ms Juliana Nathan began her career in the finance sector, but a yearning to teach soon led her to leave her lucrative job in a bank and pursue a certificate from Cambridge in teaching English as well as young learners. Warm, nurturing and kind, her students tend to enjoy her softer approach to ensuring they are meticulously guided, every step of the way. She challenges her students to make every lesson an engaging learning experience and supports them in their quest to become responsible for their own personal growth. With a wealth of experience in stretching students of varying academic abilities to their maximum potential, Juliana has proven popular with both her students and their parents.

Laura Tan (LTN) - Senior Teacher

A Rafflesian, a former scholarship recipient and a passionate educator: these descriptions do not do justice to the quality of meticulous care and concern Ms Laura Tan showers upon her students. With decades of experience teaching English to students in Singapore and globally, both young and old, Ms Laura Tan is able to guide students in her own quirky, yet nurturing manner.

Olivier Tan (OTN) - Teaching Associate & Curriculum Developer

From a tender age, Mr Olivier Tan has always understood the paramount importance of mastering the English language. A passionate learner from his alma mater Hwa Chong Institution, he comprehends the significance of hard work in shaping one’s language foundation, driving him to excel in his English despite coming from a Mandarin-speaking family. He followed his passion and graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in English Literature. Olivier is patient and affable, teaching his students to write in that quintessential English Lit style that is assured, elegant and elevated.

Natalie Ong (NOG) - Early Childhood Associate & Counsellor

Gentle and nurturing, Ms Natalie Ong is a wonderful teacher for the littlest ones. She has been personally groomed by our directors to take good care of our Foundation students. A trained counselor, she knows how to guide our Foundation students with care and concern, with a gift for identifying the problems these youngsters face and dealing with them sensitively.

Maximilian Low (MLW) - Senior Teacher

Mr Maximilian Low is a public speaking coach, debate trainer and tutor with expertise teaching both students and professionals. He brings seven years of coaching experience to the table, having delivered specialised programmes in speaking and writing. Eloquent and intellectual, he has previously taken on the role of President of Toastmasters in Singapore. His globalised experience as a public speaking and debate trainer for some of the brightest minds across Asia have been condensed into programmes that prepare students for academic life at top institutions and the corporate world beyond. Besides speaking, he has also developed and delivered intellectual English enrichment programmes for Primary-level and IP students. Apart from coaching these gifted young minds, Mr Low also develops and conducts specialised training programmes for the corporate sector.

L. Emmanuel - Senior Teacher

A stalwart of the Singaporean education scene, Ms Emmanuel has more than two decades of experience teaching English both in the MOE and the private enrichment sector. Her traditional Peranakan background is reflected in her classical approach to English and writing. Having taught both primary and secondary students, her strength lies in being able to animate and energise the classroom while maintaining a rigorous and disciplined approach to classroom management. Her formidable technical expertise draws from her PGDE training at the NIE and her degree in linguistics from NUS. In her spare time, she volunteers to teach underprivileged local children.

Angie Ong (AO) - Teaching Associate & Curriculum Developer

Ms Angie Ong was first exposed to competitive debating at an early age and developed a passion for it. This fuelled her interest in the humanities and social sciences, leading her to pursue an undergraduate degree in Global Studies at the National University of Singapore. She enjoys weaving together inter-disciplinary fields of knowledge and brings real-world issues into the classroom, enriching the learning experience of our students.