Our Introduction to Primary One programme has been running for a couple of years now and this year, we’ve kicked it up a notch, unifying a richly designed English and Mathematics curriculum into a 360° learning experience. Yes, our programme is now a perfectly pitched blend of both core subjects.

This programme isn’t designed for everyone. We know that. It’s for parents who know that success is the only game that matters. Who understand how even tiny environmental influences in early childhood can result in dramatically different life outcomes. And who believe that raw, powerful intelligence is the gateway to self-actualisation.

We’ve taken the fundamental Primary One syllabus, added intellectual sophistication and exposure to the mix, and designed the entire learning process from top to bottom so that it is engaging, inspiring and charming. Because that is the kind of student we develop – engaged, inspired and full of charm.

In an interview two years ago with the Straits Times, it was clear that our programme was vastly different from other pre-primary programmes in the market.

“Academia English and Writing Centre founder Johann Loh, 31, whose centre offers a year-long English preparatory programme, said: ‘It is far easier to lay the right foundation and get it sorted out from the start, rather than attempting to undo the bad habits, grammatical sloppiness and wrong vocabulary associations later on.’” ~ The Straits Times, “Helping kids make leap from pre-school to primary school”

“We’ve designed this programme to groom children to their fullest potential,” says Oh Peng Peng, one of the teachers this year with more than ten years of teaching experience in a well-regarded school.

“We hope the children will have fun and be stretched so that Primary One is a breeze,” adds Pang Mei Yee, a warm and effusive teacher, her eyes twinkling.

Former Vice-Principal Sherman Tseng describes our programme: “This 8-week programe has been rigorously designed to build strong literacy and numeracy fundamentals. There’s no other programme out there like it.”

We’ve seen how our best and brightest can accelerate through the levels to reach remarkable levels of intellectual development by early primary. We’re confident they will continue to lead the pack. Mission accomplished.

The 8-week programme will cover the following aspects.


English and writing

– Sentence construction

– Verbs and tenses

– Pronouns

– Rich and diverse vocabulary

– Constructing simple narratives

– The art of storytelling


Mathematics and logic

– Whole numbers

– Ordinal numbers

– Model drawing

– Number bonds

– Shapes and patterns

– Length and spatial awareness

– Problem solving through narration


Class schedule

The weekly programme will run from 23 October to 17 December 2017.

Session 1: Tuesday 3 pm to 5 pm

Session 2: Wednesday 5 pm to 7 pm