Secondary English is a completely different beast from Primary school. The rules of the game change dramatically: the emphasis is now on deep language skills, a wide and insightful knowledge base, literary sensitivity, and most importantly – a sense of style when writing. The last element accounts for the bewildering subjectivity of English, Literature and other Language Arts programmes. If you can’t write with a flourish – the right kind of flourish – your A-grade is going to be out of reach.

We know that there are no shortcuts when it comes to Secondary English. We’ve already trained our Primary-level students to write with the right kind of literary style, beyond the basic requirements of the PSLE. Now, it’s time to take those skills and translate them across a new set of applications. It’s time to level up.

We’ll be conducting our weekly Introduction to Secondary One programme three weeks after the PSLE ends, from 23 October to 16 December. This 8-week course will introduce our students to the new components they will encounter in Secondary One. As always, the aim is to help our students prepare themselves for a completely different ballgame so the transition to Secondary One is smooth-sailing and pain-free.

We will cover the following components over the 8-week period.

1 Literary Comprehension

2 Expository Comprehension

3 Summary Writing

4 Unseen Poetry and Prose

5 Personal Recount and Narrative Writing

6 Expository and Discursive Esssays

7 Argumentative Essays

8 Situational Writing


There are two sessions available.

Session 1: Every Tuesday 5 pm – 7 pm, 23 October – 12 December

Session 2: Every Saturday 10 am – 12 pm, 28 October – 16 December