This June, we invite your child to participate in a transformative experience. It is with immense pleasure that we at Academia announce our classic holiday programmes for aspirational students with their sights set on becoming global citizens.

Your personal identity is bound up in the character-defining schools you attend and the aspirations that they reveal within you. And academic admissions processes are continuing to metamorphose in step with shifting educational perspectives that increasingly value soft skills and personal branding – in short, elevating students who can harness the winds of global change in a world where automation continues to redefine the way we think and work.


① June Jungle Gym

Join us for 3 sessions during the June holiday period and find out why our clients are so satisfied with how we train and develop our students. Our 360° learning experience is a carefully designed and organic blend of examination preparation, literary development, intellectual sophistication and a liberal arts exposure, seamlessly threaded together with technology that has been designed to enhance the learning experience and adapt to the specific needs of Generation Z students.

Saturday 26 May – Sunday 17 June 2018



② Academic Admissions Prep for DSA

Are you ready for your Direct School Admission (DSA) close-up?

We’ve run our DSA programme successfully for the past three years and with each iteration, we’ve achieved a deeper understanding how to help our students land a spot in the school of their choice. It all boils down to the quintessential question: How do you personally brand your strengths to win over your interviewers?

Managing how interviewers perceive you is essential to the process. Our popular DSA preparatory programme trains students to communicate their strengths, character and aptitude without coming across as arrogant or presumptuous. Participants will accumulate the relevant social and cultural capital to enable them to move through the admissions process smoothly.

Recorded videos of trial interviews will be provided at the end of the workshop so that you and your child can continue to work on self-awareness and interview confidence. In short, we’ll provide a complete 360° preparation for the DSA.

Past alumni of the programme have gone on to selective IP schools including, but not limited to: RI, RGS, NYGH, HCI, SOTA, NUS High, and CHIJ.

Monday 4 June –  Wednesday 6 June 2018

12 pm – 2 pm



③ Dashing Into The Woods: Competitive Creative Writing

Dashing Into The Woods is our highly evolved holiday writing programme for young writers aspiring to a greater level of achievement. On a practical level, participants will quite simply hone their writing skills and improve the quality of their academic compositions. On a more aspirational level, our writing programme is a preliminary stepping stone to entering the world of competitive and commercially viable writing. Yes, in the deeps of these boundless woods, the path will take young travellers as far as they wish to go.

We invite budding writers to join this flagship holiday writing programme. This writing workshop is aimed at helping young writers from ages 9 to 12 strengthen their creative core and develop their writing skills. We will read several astonishing and magical literary texts to understand their techniques before establishing five main elements – setting, character, plot, conflict and theme. Participants will receive close feedback from the facilitators and learn more about their own writing style.

At the end of the course, participants will have produced two distinctive and original short stories, as well as a long-form poem.

We encourage students, subsequently, to submit their entries to local writing competitions, such as the All In! Snack Fiction Anthology or the Golden Point Award in 2019.

Tuesday 12 June – Thursday 14 June 2018

12 pm – 2 pm