Children are naturally creative. It isn’t a lack of ideas that prevents students from writing well and becoming top-notch students. Rather, it is a lack of commitment to reifying their ideas through rigorous practice. In a world full of shiny technological distractions, we are constantly refining our formula for getting your child to focus and get down to business. Our June Jungle Gym holiday programme blends hard work with an organic and meaning-driven approach to learning, both for our cherished regular students and holiday visitors.

This June, our regular programme will revolve around the idea of wildlife and animals in Singapore, a trending topic gaining traction for Primary school students. Come on a real learning journey through the wild with us, metaphorically situated outside of the urban comforts of our air-conditioned nation. Visit an oasis of refreshing vocabulary, going down less-travelled pathways to discover perspectives on Singapore you might not be so aware of. Let’s travel up rugged mountains and through valleys of lush descriptions to write stories from the heart.

Level Two Composition Writing Marathon

Monday 5 June – Wednesday 7 June

12 – 2 pm

Primary 4 – 6

Learning to write a good composition is like training for a marathon – you need to build up stamina for hours of mental focus and clarity. For writing, as with running, our mental strength is what enables us to distinguish ourselves. Staying focused is an imperative. We’ve crafted a rigorous yet satisfying workout regime for students to exercise their mind and achieve their personal best. Remember – when writing, one’s strength and endurance ebbs and flows. But with persistence, patience and perseverance, the finishing line is merely a sprint away.

Personal Training for the DSA 

Monday 5 June –  Thursday 8 June

10 am – 12 pm

Primary 5 – 6

Our Academic Admissions Prep (DSA) programme is back! After running it for several cycles, we’ve further narrowed our focus down to the elements that will help students polish up their performance for the interview and personal statement aspects. Head coach Mr Sherman Tseng will give students a series of intensive training drills to build their confidence and revive their spirits. We will practise and polish interview skills for the most common (and some uncommon) DSA questions, with a recorded interview video provided at the end of the session for further personal growth. We will also scaffold and construct a personal statement for application to various DSA schemes.

If you’re not quite in shape for the DSA, come for this programme and emerge stronger, more confident and at the top of your game.

Dashing Into the Woods: Short Stories for Competitive Writers

Monday 5 June –  Thursday 8 June

12 – 2 pm

Upper Primary & Secondary

Strengthen your creative core on an expedition deep into the forest of your imagination. If you have always had an idea of a story you might wish to explore, we’re here to take you the extra mile. Over this four-day course, students will get to build a short story of their own from scratch, balancing literary reading and analysis of short stories with critical writing exercises. We will discuss and build elements of a story, namely: setting, character, plot, conflict and theme. Detailed feedback from Ms Prasanthi Ram and fellow classmates will be provided. At the end of the workshop, with a finished creative story in hand, we will recommend select local writing competitions for which students can submit their work. Alternatively, take the road less travelled and develop your work into a novel if that is your calling.


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