Build a personal portfolio with us this March. Our workshops will help you to practice essential writing skills that combine academic rigour with literary techniques, finished off with a thoroughly modern aesthetic sensibility for the Millennial generation and beyond. Our teachers, who are also heavily invested in the local literary and arts scene, will help you begin developing your personal brand through writing. In short, we will help prepare your child for a future where a well-curated personal portfolio is a mark of distinction.

Foundational Creative Writing

P1 & P2 | 13/3 – 15/3 | 10am – 12pm

Get a firm grip on the basics of writing. Our Foundational Creative Writing workshop prepares the youngest minds, helping them to generate content, write with a flourish and express themselves confidently. Be precocious – write well, right from the start.

Level 1 & 2 Creative Writing

P3 & P4 | 14/3 – 16/3 | 1 – 3pm
P5 & P6 | 13/3 – 15/3 | 1 – 3pm

This programme places a keen emphasis on helping students understand writing – not just as mindless regurgitation of phrases, but as a sensitive conscious process. Our writing programme has been redesigned by professional writers with a stake in the local literature scene, with the aim of truly building a love for language.

Academic Admissions Prep

P5 & P6 | 13/3 – 16/3 | 10am – 12pm

Students will learn skills pertaining to designing personal statements, narrative techniques for branding, presenting themselves professionally and acing important interviews, such as the Direct Schools Admissions. With both eyes on the tectonic shifts in education, we will equip students with the tools to make a first impression that matters.

Level 3 Building a Literary Portfolio: The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay 2017

P5 – Sec 4 | 13/3 – 15/3 | 1 – 3pm

Part of thriving in today’s educational landscape involves building a portfolio that represents your personal brand. The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay competition is an opportunity for you to flex your writing muscle and develop a creative process. We will take you through creative exercises designed by an author and creative writer, Ms. Prasanthi Ram, ultimately culminating in the submission of an essay for the competition. All students will receive a Certificate of Participation from Commonwealth that will certainly embellish a prestigious portfolio.


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