The end-of-year period after the examinations is the perfect time to develop a plethora of skills that carry the weight of five decades of history – and yet remain absolutely relevant today. Educational trends may seem capricious, but we believe that understanding their historical context and application helps us to adapt these educational trends for our students in an increasingly multidimensional and multipolar world.

❶ November Nostalgia

30 October – 17 December

The post-war world of the 1950s and 60s was a bleak one. Since then, the inexorable march of history has transformed the entire globe. Social movements in the 1970s insisted upon the primacy of racial equality and women’s rights. The 1980s saw the rise of free-market, neoliberal economics as the Anglo-Saxon world consolidated its economic might; keeping up with current affairs became a global affair. In the 1990s, we saw the rise of PowerPoint presentations and the notion of being well-rounded became the standard for children to aspire to.

The turn of the millennium was when the idea of preternaturally gifted children seized the public imagination and parents began training their children in the essential art of public speaking. Finally, in more recent times, the wonderfully American notion of a liberal arts education has flourished even here in Singapore, while the rise of social media and admissions interviews means that personal branding is an indispensable reality for the portfolio child.

This is the world we live in today. Each iteration of an educational trend has not supplanted the previous paradigm, but only supplemented it, incorporating prior vestigial requirements into the fabric of its logic. This accounts for the current Platonic ideal of a well-lopsided student with real-world skills, a portfolio and a personal brand.

This November and December, we will be incorporating the following historical elements into our regular curriculum, in addition to preparing them for next year’s curriculum.

1970s: Social Studies and American History
1980s: Globalisation, the World Economy, and Current Affairs
1990s: The Art of the Presentation and Holistic Development
2000s: Public Speaking, Non-Linear Thinking, and Gifted Training
2010s: Liberal Arts Education, Design Thinking, and Personal Branding

Our November Nostalgia learning experience is the quintessential post-examination English programme that unifies all the educational trends of the past five decades into a singular experience for our students. We also invite new students to join our programme and experience the entire history of education with us. It’s not enough to name-drop buzzwords and empty platitudes in a high-capitalist, globalised world where social and cultural capital are prerequisites for success. We’ll help your child navigate the stormy seas of this brave new world.

❷ Lower Primary Creative Writing Programme

20 – 22 November
12pm – 2pm
Designed for Primary 1 and 2 students

Writing well is a life skill that stretches beyond the classroom into the boardroom and beyond. Yet, many children find themselves bewildered as they enter a new school year and find that the idea of a good composition has changed dramatically. Our Lower Primary Creative Writing Programme gives the youngest minds a solid grasp of good writing over the course of three days. Students will be guided through the process of generating content and to write with a flourish.

❸ Upper Primary Creative Writing Programme

Session 1
5 – 7 December 2017
10am – 12pm

Session 2
11 – 13 December 2017
12 – 2pm

The stakes escalate as students progress towards their milestone examinations. Stay in the lead with our Upper Primary Creative Writing Programme and learn what makes for a sophisticated composition that garner top marks in top schools. In our rigorous writing programme, students will develop the confidence to tackle even the most challenging of composition topics with ease by actually understanding what a good composition entails in terms of structure and language effects. We’ve included tips and techniques that top students use to ensure that they are always on point with their writing.

❹ Academic Admissions Prep for DSA

Monday 4 – Thursday 7 December 2017

12 pm – 2 pm

The DSA Dream Team is back again by popular demand!

When preparing your child for the Direct Schools Admissions (DSA), you want people who have been through the system and know exactly what the panels are looking for. We are proud to offer you the chance to tap on the expertise of a dream team comprised of these best-in-class educators.

Through this intensive workshop, students will learn to communicate and showcase talent, character and aptitude without coming across as arrogant. They will develop a keen awareness of the right body language and appropriate responses to interview questions. They will also have crafted a personal statement that they can use to apply to various DSA schemes. Finally, we will provide exposure to GAT questions so your child does not go in blind.

At the end of the workshop, we’ll provide recorded videos of mock interviews so that you and your child can continue to work on self-awareness and interview confidence. In short, we will provide a complete 360° preparation for the DSA.

Our past students in the programme have gone on to selective IP schools including, but not limited to RI, RGS, NYGH, HCI, SOTA, NUS High, and CHIJ.

❺ Musings of an Ex-Vice-Principal: It Takes a Village

Thursday 30 November 2017

7 pm

Once again, we’re bringing back the free masterclass for our parents and guests. The educational landscape may be shifting, but the constant change can also be unsettling. At the frontline of these changes, we know that education is a high-stakes affair, where anxieties abound for the modern parent. At the same time, anxiety doesn’t solve problems – we do. Drop by Academia to meet our Director of Teaching and Curriculum, Mr Sherman Tseng, a former MOE Vice-Principal and English HOD. We’ll provide you with an insider perspective on the paradigm shifts that lie ahead.

Clear your doubts and take a deep breath. We’re here to shine a light and help you steer your child’s course. Admission is free but seats are extremely limited.