M, RI Student, 2021

Despite the brevity of my time with Dr Coomber, his nuanced and challenging lessons have proved to an invaluable resource in my preparation for the General Paper. His meticulousness in taking note of each of his students difficulties thoroughly impressed me and it was through this he was able to deepen our understanding of social […]

Z, HCI Student, 2021

Throughout my 2 years of GP lessons with Dr Coomber, he has always been patient and detailed in offering personal feedback and input. Be it explaining writing and answering techniques or equipping students with the content knowledge, Dr Coomber has always strived to help his students achieve both. He is always willing to go the […]

HCI Student, 2021

J, RI Student, 2021

The A-Level General Paper curriculum increasingly places an emphasis on critical thinking – being able to critically analyse question, be it an essay or a comprehension question and answering based on the needs of the question. Dr Coomber is an adaptable and understanding teacher who makes it a point to assess every student that he […]

- RI Student, 2021

V, HCI Student, 2021

“Dr. Coomber is one of the best GP teachers I’ve learnt under. Over the course of his tuition, I found myself reading and writing about topics I never thought I would be interested in. My GP grades improved drastically after just a few lessons, as Dr Coomber provided me with targetted feedback for both Paper […]

- HCI Student, 2021

J, HCI Student, 2020

“I joined lessons with Dr Coomber quite late compared to other students in the tuition, joining only at the beginning of J2. I started with an S grade, struggling to grasp the concepts of the entire subject. I found it difficult to grapple with the basics and foundations of writing essays and answering techniques of […]

- HCI Student, 2020

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