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Founded in 2013, Academia represents the highest evolution of the concept of education with a humanities-oriented philosophy. In a world where the financial, professional, managerial and entrepreneurial class constitute the highest level of human achievement, we bring the knowledge, skills and performance to get your child to that destination.

English, Literature, General Paper and Economics are woven together to form an unabashedly intellectual fabric of knowledge. Blending elements from the Singaporean education system with strategies re-engineered from top higher educational institutions and liberal arts colleges, our programme adapts and grows with your child’s needs. The end goal is to create empowered, smart and confident individuals who can navigate and dominate their future careers. 

Our programmes are built upon weekly tutorials, and yet the educational relationship that is seeded when our clients join Academia grows far deeper roots than that. We differentiate between students at a fine-grained level, with portfolios and internal data tracked to ensure that our clients’ students are well-supported. Our clients also receive access to the best expertise when required. Scaffolding is done at an individual level of tailoring and you can rest assured that our clients enjoy unparalleled access to our expertise at every stage.

Technology is a tool that does not replace human interaction but rather enhances it. Our technological solutions and interfaces have been chosen for their ease of onboarding, turning learning into a seamless 360 experience for both educator and student.



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5 Reasons Why Our Economics Programme Is the Best

If you are a Junior College student taking Economics at the GCE A Levels and International Baccalaureate in Singapore, we’re here to tell you that our Economics programme is simply the best. An exciting collaboration between Academia and Adam Smith Center, we’ve designed this programme to deliver your A grade


A Medley of Marvellous March Holiday Programmes

This March, our best-loved holiday programmes return to intrigue and delight. As always, these English programmes focus intensively on writing well, incorporating high-level ideas and techniques that real writers use to think creatively. ① A Foundation Writing Adventure Go on a writing adventure with your exuberant guide, Ms Emmanuel. She'll


Secondary Literature Programme

We are pleased to formally announce the details of our new Secondary Literature Programme. Academia’s Literature Programme is designed to cater to the needs of students’ individual school literature programmes and texts. The lesson structure is based on a group consultation model, tailored to each individual student.  This model was


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A Quintessential Philosophy


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A diverse team put together to incorporate the best of all worlds, for a truly dedicated learning experience.  Expertise, energy, dedication and hard work converge in a co-teaching model re-engineered from the Scandinavian school system to fit the Singaporean context. We welcome you to pick our brains.

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Besides equipping students with the necessary content knowledge and academic skills in anticipation of their examination performance, our programme has been carefully crafted to bring English, Literature, General Paper and Economics to life.

Academia Premium offers weekly tutorials for Primary, Secondary and Junior College students taking General Paper.

Our Primary programme is perfectly designed to give you the ultimate advantage for the PSLE, with the experience of Mr Sherman Tseng, a former MOE Vice-Principal and HOD English pushing forward. Gifted students will benefit greatly from the insights of our founder, who has designed our gifted materials and trained specialist gifted teachers to handle gifted kids sensitively and understand their unique perspectives and needs.

We have developed sophisticated and specific learning journeys for Secondary students in the Integrated Programme, International Baccalaureate and the ‘O’ level track. Our classes will provide you with relevant contextual knowledge and skills – to develop your expertise in an academic setting and beyond.

For Literature students, we have developed a one-of-a-kind Literature programme that provides tailored help for your school specifics. Let us first state that Literature can be powerful, moving and potent. Our Secondary-level students have the option of customising their learning experience to include Literature consultations and tutorials. Led by those deeply embedded in the local literature scene, you will be guided on how to approach Literature with sensitivity and critical theory. Please contact us two weeks in advance in order to ensure that the tutorial is tailored to your needs.

For Junior College students, our General Paper course is designed to offer coached guidance towards securing that A grade. Past students have gone on to top programmes such as studying Law, Medicine and PPE at top local varsities as well as Cambridge, Oxford and prestigious US university brands. As part of our programme, Dr Coomber will also provide you with assistance with university and scholarship applications, as well as the UCAS process. A team led by Mr Johann Loh, who graduated magma cum laude from Princeton, will also be able to assist you with your applications to the US and the Ivy League.

In partnership with the Adam Smith Centre, Academia offers a one-of-a-kind Economics programme which not only prepares students for the A levels but also helps you begin your journey towards becoming a business leader, with global partnerships ranging from prominent academics and business leaders in Singapore to resources such as the Marginal Revolution University. Mr Bryan Cheang is a leading millennial economist who has been featured on Channel News Asia and has published a book on the free market and how its values can address the concerns of the younger generation. He has helped students apply for Business and Economics scholarships and get into the university programme of their choice.

Academia Private offers exclusive one-to-one consultations where you can pick the brains of the expert of your choice. For more information, please contact Front Desk One at 9777 3532.

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