As the year winds to a close, we usher in a cap to this year with a series of reflective, thought-provoking and ultimately life-changing programmes.

November Nostalgia: A Plethora of Poignant Programmes

As the year winds to a close, we usher in a cap to this year with a series of reflective, thought-provoking and ultimately life-changing programmes designed to take you on those deep adventures we long for in our lives. Remember: no moment, not even a year, is ever wasted, but an opportunity for growth, self-discovery and reflection. Available both on-campus and online.

On-site fees apply.

November Nostalgia

Every year, when the examinations are over, we begin a new journey, reflecting on the year's progress and what lies ahead. This year, we wanted to take our students on a writing journey. Because beyond examination success, the many milestones in life often require literary talent and sensitivity; it is still remarkable how proficiency in writing often endows us with so many rewards throughout life. November Nostalgia has set aside a series of writing workshops in the final weeks of term for our L1 and L2 students especially. We invite you to join us as guest students this December and experience our signature curriculum richly reworked with a special focus on contemporary writing skills to last a lifetime.

From now to 6 December
November Nostalgia is part of our regular English programme.
We recommend that you attend the last 3 weeks of term at a minimum.
Please contact our Cogito Front Desk for specific time slots available.

Level 1
The A.C.A.D.E.M.I.C Guide to Adding Literary Details

Level 2
Dashing Into the Woods: Creative Short Stories for Aspirational Writers

400 for 3 weeks
600 for 5 weeks

*New* Classic Composition Thematic Workshop

How has Academia been able to cover the PSLE topic every year since 2015? It all boils down to a crystal-clear understanding of the PSLE’s goals and aims. That’s why we had a brainwave and designed our new Thematic Compositions series to help students write about a topic. And to convey aforesaid topic in a relatable and engaging manner — now that may just be the missing key to scoring well. Explore three of the most fundamental themes found in thematic compositions with our workshops, discover ways to generate new perspectives, and articulate them cohesively and eloquently.

Monday 14 December
Wednesday 16 December
Friday 18 December

Each thematic composition workshop is held across three days.
You can sign up for all three workshops if you want to!
Alternatively, pick and choose a combination of themes to fit your schedule.

Levels 1 & 2 
(or, Primary 4 to 6 2021)

The Themes
① Family & Friendship
9am — 11am

② Everyday Adventures
11.30am — 1.30pm

③ Values & Virtues
2.30pm — 4.30pm

400 per thematic workshop or any 3 slots

Intensive O Level Workshops

The O Levels represent a major milestone that affects the next step of your academic journey. English is a key subject that is absolutely essential to get to the next stage. Proficiency in the language transcends paper qualifications: these days, it is about the ability to communicate and reflect personally, and evolve with changing times. These holidays, our Intensive O Level Workshops bring students on a deep dive into the nooks and crannies of a classic and vital paper. The workshops are anchored by three of our highly-acclaimed teachers, each with remarkable and valuable insights from years of experience teaching students in the Secondary School ecosystem.

Levels 3 & 4
(especially O Levels 2021 students)

Tuesday 8 December — Thursday 10 December
3pm — 5pm

500 for the entire programme

Registrations. Now open.

Please contact us at our Cogito Front Desk by dropping us a message via WhatsApp at +65 9777 3532. Alternatively, you can email us at learn@academia.com.sg. To arrange a call to find out more from our Cogito Managers TCG, MSH or SSM, let us know in the WhatsApp message to the aforesaid number and we will schedule a call for you.

Academia Privileges

All Academia students, including those registered for 2021 courses, are eligible for an exclusive 20% off our plethora of holiday programmes!

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