Tackle the Unseen: 4-Week Literature Crash Course

Literature can be tricky at the start, but nothing that cannot be honed with time. While critical analysis and a keen eye for literary criticism takes longer to sharpen, there are basic skills you can pick up that will pave the way to help you more quickly grasp the subject and to tackle texts, unseen or not, strategically and technically.

This is what our 4-Week Literature Crash Course is designed to do. Learn the essential jargon and technical skills you need to write a good literary essay, with personalised tips and feedback during the in-class practise sessions. Each lesson focuses on a specific component of the subject, rounding up in the final weeks with what many students find the most challenging: Unseen texts. This short programme is built to help you gain confidence in tackling any text, unseen or not, with strategic ways and technical expertise.

Fees: 408 before gst

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