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A new leaf. Our new custom folder.

Quintessential functionality. This Earth Hour Day, we are pleased to announce the release of our brand new Academia Folder that is greener, more refined, and primed for productivity. This new custom folder encapsulates Academia’s fundamental beliefs and transcendental approach towards education, and is exclusive for our clients.

The Folder: Functionality. Durability. Sustainability.

Since we shifted towards online classes in 2020, we have been looking for ways to reduce throw-away materials like envelopes, and to optimise the delivery of materials that would benefit both online and on-campus students. We also wanted to create something that can do more, for longer.

The simplicity of this folder is the result of rounds of engineering and experimentation to combine form and function seamlessly. Its complexity lies in its subtle design, where it remains sleek even with function at its forefront.

The most important aspect we required for this folder is its multi-functionality as we envisioned a product with a longer lifetime, serving specific functions to complement our curriculum. It serves as 1. an envelope, 2. a file, and 3. a folder. The combination of these functions in a single product increases its longevity and also reduces the materials used for the different purposes.

Sustainability is another factor we prioritised. We needed no convincing to continue using Kraft paper which is a 100% eco-friendly material. However, we decided on making it slightly thicker than our old files to increase its overall durability, considering the extra processes, such as mailing, it will be going through.

This year is a year we return to our basics, focusing on the essential and functional. We wanted to capture this sense with something of vintage-esque sentiment. This is how we decided on the traditional button and string closures, the latter of which we adopted also for the fastening of worksheets on the inside, a move away from the metal/plastic fasteners.

This custom folder packages Academia’s dedication to delivering curriculum in a manner that is truly beneficial to each student, with a global perspective and which transcends the classroom.

The folder will be made available to all our students this term in batches.

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