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ADM 301: Secondary Explorations - Charting New Directions

A quintessential Year One English and Language Arts preparatory programme. With many secondary schools switching to a Language Arts curriculum for first-year students, our Secondary Explorations programme eases learners in with a compelling orientation, and charts a direction towards a new, exciting, and multifaceted world of language and literature.

6-Week Programme
Oct 18th - Nov 22nd

Every Wednesday, 1.30pm — 3.30pm 

For students entering Year 1 / Secondary 1 in 2024

450 before GST for full programme sign-ups

88 / session before GST

Mr Jeremiah Sng / Mr Matthew Low

ADM 501: A Primer on the General Paper

The step up to Junior College and the General Paper represents a significant leap ahead in skills and knowledge. This primer aims to smoothen out the jump by introducing students to GP and easing them into new standards.

Students will be exposed to the specific components of the paper, as well as key content areas to begin building the in-depth content required for various Big Topics. We’ll help them approach this upcoming transition with confidence and clarity, ready to take that next step towards the A Levels.

Ongoing 10-Week Programme
Oct 13th - Dec 16th

Fridays 7.15pm — 9.15pm
Saturdays 10am — 12pm 

For students entering JC 1 in 2024
On-Campus and Online options available

1100 before GST for full module sign-ups

120 / session before GST

Mr Jeremiah Sng


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