Tangible enrichment for the June holidays.

Academia June Holiday Modules

Every June holiday, Academia releases holiday modules that are designed to tangibly contribute to students' academic portfolios in a shorter time span, ranging from 1-day workshops to 3-day symposiums. These modules often tackle the trickiest parts of the English and Literature papers, that require a focused and more in-depth session to help students gain true clarity and understanding. These modules we have today have been run as early as 2016, accumulating in resources and quality that are renewed and refreshed annually based on students' achievements, awards, and our research on global education standards.

Find out more about each of the modules for this 2022 June Holiday below.

  1. Writing 110 Everyday Heroes: A Characterisation Workshop
  2. Writing 201 A PSLE Composition Symposium. Writing Fundamentals: Three Classic Storylines
  3. Admissions 201 Introduction to DSA (Private Consultations)
  4. Writing 301/401 The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition Workshop
  5. Literature 301 Introduction to Literature: 4-Week Literature Crash Course

Writing 110
Everyday Heroes: A Characterisation Workshop

Professional writers create stories built around characters, which is an effective way to ground our writing in something tangible and, most importantly, relatable. This workshop is designed to teach Primary 4 to 5 students how to apply the same techniques to their own writing. 

Over the course of the workshop, we’ll break down the components of a good story into bite-sized activities that rely on sensorial stimuli, allowing young writers to phenomenologically internalise and translate these insights on paper. These include grammar and vocabulary boosters, kinaesthetic character development, and channeling emotions to writing. Students will take away a new theoretical framework in the form of storyboarding.

At the end of the workshop, each student will be walking away with their very own creations — and the ability to craft more!

The Brief:

Wednesday 15 June 2022
2 pm — 5 pm


150 before GST

Writing Fundamentals: Three Classic Storylines

In addition to practice and cultivation, good writing is accelerated by exposure. We know that for students who are taking their PSLE, it is incredibly helpful to have a big-picture view of classic storylines and structures that can be endlessly adapted to varying contexts. These archetypal stories form the fundamental narrative structures that can be recreated in a diversity of forms.

Welcome to our PSLE Composition Symposium, which takes a deep dive into three quintessential storylines. We will engage in a literary deconstruction of them, exploring the details and techniques that help make these storylines engaging and compelling. Its aims are to provide students with the framework to produce compelling versions in their own individualised writing style. This three-day course is an extremely writing-intensive module for PSLE students, with in-class production that simulates examination conditions. 

The Brief:

1 - 3 June 2022
Wednesday - Friday
10am - 12pm


300 before GST for full symposium
220 before GST for 2-day sign-ups (any 2 days)
120 before GST for 1-day sign-ups (any day)

Introduction to DSA (Private Consultation)

The DSA process is a significant milestone event for many graduating Primary 6 students, with the extremely competitive landscape today. Over the years, we have guided many students through the process by means of both workshops and consultations. This is ultimately why our DSA workshop is now conducted at a private, 1-1 level. Each application is required to be highly individualised due to the nature of DSA, which aims to bring out each student's unique personality and accolades, through both writing and interview.

We recommend 2-3 sessions for each student to get the full range of preparation including covering the basics and in-person practice sessions.

The Brief

Bookings of consultation sessions will be subject to the availability of the T.

Please enquire with our Front Desk directly for more information.


95 per hour before GST

WRITING 301 / 401
The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition Workshop

Our critically acclaimed Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition writing workshop is back this June holidays. It is a quintessential platform for writers combining creativity, literary chops and prestige. Past alumni of the programme have achieved more than 25 Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards, in addition to two Gold Finalist awards. 

This year’s competition invites writers to explore the positive impact that can be achieved through dedication and selfless commitment to our Commonwealth. We’ll do a deep dive to critically analyse the global issues at hand before embarking on literary explorations and tangents. 

Our clients traditionally view the competition as a chance to build a sophisticated and diverse writing portfolio that includes short stories, essays and poems. Intangibly, it is also a chance to build soft writing skills, accrue cultural capital and embark on intellectual explorations.

The Brief

There are two categories for participation in the workshop:

Junior Category for participants born on or after 1 July 2008 

Senior Category for participants born between 1 July 2003 and 30 June 2008 

Workshop details

Tue 7 June to Thu 9 June 2022
1.30 — 4.30 pm


525 before GST

Literature 301
4-Week Literature Crash Course

Literature can be tricky at the start, but nothing that cannot be honed with time. While critical analysis and a keen eye for literary criticism takes longer to sharpen, there are basic skills you can pick up that will pave the way to help you more quickly grasp the subject.

This is what our 4-Week Literature Crash Course is designed to do. Learn the essential jargon and technical skills you need to write a good literary essay, with personalised tips and feedback during the in-class practise sessions. Each lesson focuses on a specific component of the subject, rounding up in the final weeks with what many students find the most challenging, Unseen texts. This short programme is built to help you gain confidence in tackling any text, unseen or not, with strategic ways and technical expertise.

The Brief

1/8/15/22 June
10am - 12pm


408 before GST

Workshop materials will be provided via courier service.

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