Academia June Holiday Writing Modules 2023

Academia June Holiday Writing Modules

We're pleased to present Academia's June Holiday Writing Modules for 2023. Every June holiday, Academia releases holiday modules that are designed to tangibly contribute to students' academic portfolios in a shorter time span, ranging from 2-day workshops to 3-day symposiums. These modules often tackle the trickiest parts of the English papers, that require a focused and more in-depth session to help students gain true clarity and understanding. These modules we have today have been run as early as 2016, accumulating in resources and quality that are renewed and refreshed annually based on our students' achievements, awards, and our research on global education standards.

Find out more about each of the modules for this 2023 June Holiday below.

  1. Writing 003 (P1 to P3 students): A Storyteller's Journey: Navigating through the Story Structure
  2. Writing 203 (P4 to P5 students): A Writer's Tools: Narrative Structure and Descriptive Techniques
  3. Writing 201 (P6 students): Three Classic Storylines: A PSLE Composition Intensive

A Storyteller's Journey: Navigating through the Story Structure

The early primary school years are a pivotal time for younger students to gain strong writing skills and cultivate positive attitudes towards writing, to develop important cognitive and creative abilities that are essential for success in school.

This 3-day workshop focuses on understanding the key elements that make up a compelling story. Through a series of guided exercises and group discussions, the students will gain a deeper understanding on the basic components of a story, such as characters, setting, plot, conflict and resolution. They will learn techniques of organising their thoughts and ideas to produce a coherent and structured narrative, incorporating storylines and ideas from renowned fairy tales.

This workshop provides an opportunity for students to build their foundation and become familiar with the skeleton of story-writing that will prepare them for the intricacies of composition writing. At the end of the workshops, students will be able to identify the main idea and the structural components of a story, in order to compare and contrast different stories based on their structure and elements. Through this learning process, they will create their own stories with a clear beginning, middle and end.

The Brief:

6 - 8 June 2023
Tuesday - Thursday
10am - 12pm


240 before GST

A Writer's Tools: Narrative Structure and Descriptive Techniques

Composition writing in upper primary can be challenging because it requires students to write longer and more structured compositions, use a wider range of vocabulary, and develop a deeper understanding of narrative structure, organization, and descriptive language. Additionally, upper primary students are often required to write compositions on a variety of topics, which can be unfamiliar and require research and critical thinking skills.

This 2-day writing workshop is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the basic elements of each part of the story curve. Students will learn how to establish a story introduction with character backstory and setting description, build suspense in the rising action and climax, and flesh out the falling action and conclusion for a well-rounded story.

We go beyond the basics of narrative structure to teach students how to use descriptive techniques to bring their stories to life. With a focus on upgrading their vocabulary, students will learn to vividly describe emotions, dialogue, and actions. They will also learn how to paint a picture with their words and create a world that readers will want to immerse themselves in. Through personalized feedback and constructive criticism, we will help students develop their unique writing style and become confident and skilled writers.

The Brief

13 - 14 June 2023
Tuesday - Wednesday
10am - 12pm


200 before GST

Three Classic Storylines: A PSLE Composition Intensive

In addition to practice and cultivation, good writing is accelerated by exposure. We know that for students who are taking their PSLE, it is incredibly helpful to have a big-picture view of classic storylines and structures that can be endlessly adapted to varying contexts. These archetypal stories form the fundamental narrative structures that can be recreated in a diversity of forms.

Welcome to our annual PSLE Composition Symposium, which takes a deep dive into three quintessential storylines. We will engage in a literary deconstruction of them, exploring the details and techniques that help make these storylines engaging and compelling. Its aims are to provide students with the framework to produce compelling versions in their own individualised writing style. This three-day course is an extremely writing-intensive module for PSLE students, with in-class production that simulates examination conditions. 

The Brief:

6 - 8 June 2023
Tuesday - Thursday
10am - 12pm


300 before GST for full symposium
220 before GST for 2-day sign-ups
120 before GST for 1-day sign-ups

Academia Privileges

All existing Academia students are granted an exclusive 20% discount to the workshop fees, before GST. Friends of Academia students will also be granted this discount if they attend the workshop together. 

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