I, ACJC Student, 2022

Dr Coomber is a patient, dedicated and extremely experienced teacher. His wealth of knowledge is remarkable and he is able to break down difficult concepts for me to understand and he has helped me to master the format of GP papers, as well as increased the breadth of my general knowledge and piqued a genuine interest in the subject of GP and the current affairs of the world. Not only did I gain valuable skills of writing through Dr Coomber’s lessons, I also was able to change my perspective of the world and hone soft skills of communication and critical thinking. I enjoyed every single one of Dr Coomber’s lessons and none of them were ever a bore, and truly looked forward to each of his classes. Thank you, Dr Coomber, for helping me to improve my GP grades from Cs and Ds to As, for teaching me patiently and caring about me as a person and going the extra mile to make summary notes and revision packages for us, which were very useful. I really appreciate you! Would highly recommend Dr Coomber to any student struggling with GP/English.

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