K, HCI Student, 2020

“Both unsure of what to expect and not excelling in English back in Secondary school, I enrolled under Dr Coomber right from the very start. Initially, I failed comprehensions left and right, everywhere I went, and struggled with unpacking essay questions, much less coming up with suitable topic sentences. Yet, under Dr Coomber’s patient guidance, and persistent encouragement, I had improved exponentially. Biweekly comprehension practices with remarks, answer keys and explanation helped me identify the question types and utilise the correct answering techniques. The unpacking of essay questions of a wide range and large scope of essay topics have not only helped familiarise myself with the topic and content, but also familiar with the various question types and expectations from examiners. Dr Coomber often goes out of his way to help his students excel and achieve, making time for individual consultations when necessary and even personalised feedback on lesson materials. In addition to GP help, Dr Coomber checked in with each and everyone of us regularly and individually, making sure that we are coping well with the school workload and offering advice to stay on track. Joining Academia under Dr Coomber, has been one of the best decisions I’ve made these 2 years as his lessons are something to look forward to at the end of each and every week, never failing to bring a smile onto my face.”

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