J, HCI Student, 2020

“I joined lessons with Dr Coomber quite late compared to other students in the tuition, joining only at the beginning of J2. I started with an S grade, struggling to grasp the concepts of the entire subject. I found it difficult to grapple with the basics and foundations of writing essays and answering techniques of short answer questions. In school, I would often just complete work and tests and end up failing without even know why I did so badly, and how to do better. After I started lessons, Dr Coomber quickly gave me very directed and specific advice as to how to improve my writing skills and what to do to work on them. Slowly I began to understand the reasons behind the marks I was receiving, and with the support and help of Dr Coomber, I began seeing gradual improvements in my grades.

Not only did I improve academically, I also grew to like the subject, one that I used to shun. I would gradually flip the Straits Times App to read the news, and also learnt to like reading and absorbing the current affairs from the notes given during lesson. This helped the learning process a lot. Dr Coomber was amazingly patient with us throughout the entire journey, and extremely humorous as well, making lessons fun and exciting. I never thought I would see such great improvement in a language subject in just 1 year, and would also never have imagined myself to enjoy it this much.”

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