Z, HCI Student, 2021

Throughout my 2 years of GP lessons with Dr Coomber, he has always been patient and detailed in offering personal feedback and input. Be it explaining writing and answering techniques or equipping students with the content knowledge, Dr Coomber has always strived to help his students achieve both. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help students clarify misunderstandings or share ideas and ensures that each and every student comprehends and internalize each concept and idea. His attention to detail and updated, comprehensive essay notes and examples have truly made GP a much more enjoyable subject as it exposes me to endless possible essay topics and broaden my general knowledge, even allowing me to make sense of real world events and phenomenon. Through this, essay writing has not only become easier, but also much more intriguing as I explore countless perspectives and events, eventually choosing a few topics of interest to focus on. Furthermore, Dr Coomber greatly encourages in class participation, which is thought provoking and makes the subject much more interesting and encourages active, on the spot thinking, which has boosted my confidence and helped me with exam-style critical thinking as well. With his guidance, my GP has improved but more importantly, I have gained an interest in keeping myself updated with current affairs, which I believe is extremely meaningful, even beyond the academic curriculum.

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