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We’re entering a brave new world of scientific innovation, led by technocrats in all domains. In this paradigmatic shift, power gravitates to those who can expertly navigate the global network of knowledge.

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I Grew Up Gifted. It Was Terrifying.

Imagine that, one day, you awoke to find yourself transformed into a seven-year-old child. Yes, an adult, cognitively speaking, trapped in a child’s body. How terrible, how incomprehensibly terrifying, would it be?

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How to Survive the Examination Crunch

It is an undeniable fact that our examination system is stressful and competitive, due to the lack of natural resources in Singapore and, consequently, the emphasis on developing human capital. This may or may not have contributed to a rise in the number of students suffering from exam stress.

However, one can be prepared to face all this if there is sufficient help both academically and personally.

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The Long Stretch to the Final Exam

Are you in a state of panic? Or, at the very least, worry? If so, then you are in the right place – for I, along with thousands of those who have survived those exams, have been in your shoes.