| Cogito ergo sum | I think, therefore I am. A techno-futuristic implementation of self-directed learning at the frontiers of research. Explore a constellation of curated resources woven into your learning adventure. The destination: {cogito.brightspace.com} Let's go!


Email: learn@academia.com.sg
WhatsApp: +65 9777 3532 (no calls)
SMS: +65 9757 3848
Telegram: @academiasg_bot
WeChat Official Account: AcademiaEducation

These official channels will allow you to communicate directly with our Cogito Front Desk Managers, who will assist you with your queries. We prioritise messages over calls, so as to keep our inbox system flowing smoothly. However, if you would like to speak with us, we will schedule a call with you. Just send us a message though these official channels.

01. General

Cogito is our digital learning platform and has been carefully designed to fulfil Academia’s pedagogical aims. Brightspace is a top-tier Learning Management System (LMS) used by educational institutions globally. Think of Cogito as a multidimensional experience that aggregates a swathe of digital learning tools into a seamless experience.

Cogito is:

(a) an online collection of digital learning experiences in the Academia universe, including videos, notes, worksheets, quizzes, and drills.

(b) the location of our Virtual Classrooms

(c) an AI-powered learning companion that can assist and offer feedback

(d) a digital concierge that links clients up with a solution or a relationship manager

Log into cogito.brightspace.com and you will be able to see the upcoming lessons in the calendar provided. You can also click on the Cogito Concierge for your level to locate the upcoming online lesson. The digital lessons provided are integrated directly into Cogito and designed for the best online teaching experience—we feel it’s better and more secure for our students than Zoom!

Cogito lessons are permissionless: you may go for any online lesson that has been made available to you on the platform, including: Replacement Lessons (RL) or Post-Week Lessons (PWL)

02. Account Issues

The login page is cogito.brightspace.com (Note: there is no “www.”)

We recommend that you access Cogito through your desktop.

Students, please log in using your Learner account.

Parents, please log in using your Parent account on this same login page.


Yes! The app is Brightspace Pulse. Go ahead and log in to your account on Brightspace Pulse.

You can download the app on  Google Play and the Apple Store.

An account activation email will be sent to your registered email with your login ID, as well as a link to set your password.

Take note that Parents and Students will each get their own accounts and activation emails.

If you require further assistance, or would like to change the linked email address, please contact our Cogito Front Desk managers via the official channels.

On the login page at cogito.brightspace.com, there is an option to click if you have forgotten your password.

If this is your first time logging in, you will need to follow the instructions on the account activation email that has been sent.

If you require further assistance, please contact our Cogito Front Desk managers via the official channels.

A Learner account is specifically for an enrolled student to access their courses and all related materials.

A Parent account allows parents to access their child’s grades and portfolio.

03. Using Cogito

All parents will have access to their own Parent account, which is different from the Learner account.

On Parent accounts, you will be able to view the test scores of your child, as well as any quiz or assignment that has been completed.

All content on Cogito cannot be downloaded—they are part of the digital experience.

They are only accessible from your child’s Learner account.

You will be able to access these resources at any time throughout your child’s learning adventure with us.

Yes. A digital, view-only copy of your worksheet can be found in the Cogito Concierge for your level. You’ll be able to engage with the lesson using the digital copy only as our pedagogy has been designed with the experience in mind.

You can do the work on foolscap or in your Personal English Notebook (PEN). Submit your work online, through the Assignments section in your Cogito Concierge.

We will either: (a) courier a new worksheet to you or (b) arrange for you to get a fresh copy when we see you on campus for your next lesson!

We partnered with Brightspace to provide world-class service. Extensive documentation on how learners can use Brightspace can be found here.