Tangible personal skills development for the Direct Schools Admissions and beyond

DSA (Secondary): A Personal Statement and Interview Workshop

The Direct Schools Admissions (DSA) process is a significant event for many graduating Primary 6 students, with IP schools taking an average of 30% of their cohort via DSA. Regardless of their selected talent area, students are required to possess a strong personal narrative that showcases their skills, achievements, character, and aptitude. Students then need to present this narrative, through the interview process and personal statement - without coming across as overconfident or arrogant. 

Through this intensive workshop, students will learn to plan and write their personal narratives in a manner that is authentic and impactful. They will acquire interview techniques that will help them in the DSA process and beyond - from crafting an introduction to create a strong first impression, to developing an awareness of tonality and body language. In addition to question and answer practice, students will also review strategies that will help them maintain their confidence in the actual interview, even when presented with unexpected questions.  

Academia's DSA workshop has been run since 2017, and is refined each year to match the evolving DSA process and requirements. Our past students in the programme have gone on to selective IP schools including, but not limited to RI, RGS, NYGH, HCI, SOTA, NUS High, and CHIJ.

The Brief

30 - 31 May 2024
Thursday - Friday
1pm - 4pm

On-Campus at Upper Thomson

350 before GST

For Primary 5 and 6 students

Note: We last ran this module in November 2023. If you have attended the November session, please do not attend this session a second time; please reach out to our front desk if you would like a separate consulting session. 

Academia Privileges

All existing Academia students are granted an exclusive 20% discount to the workshop fees, before GST. Friends of Academia students will also be granted this discount if they attend the workshop together. 

Immerse yourself in the A-class experience this holidays.

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