Annabelle Lim (ALM)

Associate Teaching Counsel

Literary art enthusiast, passionate bard of poetry and bearing love for the humanities, Ms Annabelle is driven in providing a safe, conducive space for learning. Given her vast array of experiences in working with children and youth, she believes that building the foundations of the English language can in turn, inculcate opportunities for personal growth. With an approach that encourages self-directed learning, Annabelle empowers her students by promoting their readiness to seek new knowledge and courage to step into uncharted waters with confidence. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Honours) from The National University of Singapore, she combines philosophical inquisitiveness and positive reinforcement in class to create energetic eagerness in her students. A genuine, sincere educator who aspires to create the best grounds for achieving greater literary heights, she taps on both intellectual and emotive aspects to provide a holistic learning experience.

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