Chermain Chua (CCH)

Associate Teacher

A communications graduate with professional experience in community engagement and writing, Chermain is a skilled and versatile tutor whose expertise in writing and communication allows her to effectively convey complex concepts and help students develop their own writing skills. Having worked in various corporate roles from Shaw Holdings to Richemont S.A., Chermain’s decision to shift her career to teaching was precipitated through a meaningful experience tutoring underprivileged students in her church’s volunteer programme.

With years of experience working with diverse groups of people, Chermain’s dedication to serving her community and her passion for education make her an ideal tutor. She is able to connect with students from all backgrounds and ability levels. Chermain’s style is to create a supportive learning environment that fosters growth and development, helping each of her students to reach their full potential and to achieve their academic goals.

Teaching Style