Christina Sum (CS)

Head of Curriculum & Mentorship

Ms Christina Sum is a passionate, intellectual and highly analytic Singaporean and English teacher who believes that language is an avenue to understanding the society and the world we live in. As a teenager, she was fascinated with the nuances of language and how it fuels culture, influencing people and societies. To her, language is not merely a tool for communication or expression, but rather a frame of reference for how the world is viewed and experienced. Today, her globalised experience has seen her teaching English and literature in New York, Hong Kong, and China. With an M.A in the teaching of English from the prestigious Ivy League Columbia University’s Teachers College, she believes that every student, regardless of his or her background or learning, can gain the ability to appreciate and wield language. Using differentiated instruction and through inculcating students with positive habits of mind, learning can become intuitive and powerful. This aligns with her interest in building literacy and creating learning experiences that will enable her students to become critical thinkers and writers. She is not only here to teach students but also to create a curriculum that resonates with her educational research interests of enhancing real literacy, skills and abilities.

Teaching Style


Highly Structured & Scaffolded