Johann Loh (JL)

Director of PSLE and Gifted Studies

An educator, writer and builder, I have spent my life thinking about how to improve the brain’s fundamental programming language: English. We spend a great deal of time building immense computing systems and architecting their programming language — let’s not forget about our own minds. Another great passion of mine is Literature. Storytelling shapes the world around us and our perception; from the world’s greatest brands to the soft-power of great civilisations, literature in its myriad forms is what enables remarkable stories to take root. My journey began with hard-won academic credentials, which include multiple prizes in Literature at Raffles Institution, being the nationwide top student, and a full scholarship from Princeton University that included a year spent across the pond at Oxford. I’d subsequently been accepted to do my PhD at Cambridge but dropped out to take up a job offer to work for a CEO of an education group, and have never regretted the decision. Since then, I’ve worked in private education, playing a pioneering role in curriculum development at various centres in my early career, and shifting to privately tutoring students of UNHW clients. In 2013, I conceptualised Academia as an intentionally designed centre for education that combines all of these insights and delivers an unparalleled curriculum. I’ve also had a parallel career as a language consultant and copywriter for high-profile clients including Singapore Management University, Louis Vuitton, Citibank and BNP Paribas, among others, and take enormous pride in bringing those experiences to our students through pedagogy and writing.


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