Koh Shi Yi (KSY)

Associate Head of Lower Primary

Ms Koh is a warm, bubbly and approachable teacher who is eager to forge that all-important rapport with her students. Having previously worked at a diversity of educational spaces ranging from enrichment centres to social welfare organizations, she has encountered students from all walks of life. We believe this enables her to be sensitive to her students’ diverse learning styles, ensuring that each student’s unique academic needs are met. With a B.S. in Psychology (Honours), she strongly believes that students should be active participants in their own learning. Thus she believes in discovering her students’ individual learning histories and engaging with their innate curiosity to direct their learning. Specifically, she employs a differentiated approach to create a student-focused learning environment that encourages resourcefulness and critical thinking; at the same time, promoting emotional security in the context of diversity. Coupled with her amiable disposition, she has demonstrated an ability to engage with balance in the classroom. With English being at the heart of everything we do, the challenge of getting students to be engaged and motivated to use the English language is always at the forefront of her mind.

Teaching Style