Matthew Low (ML)

Specialist Teacher & Curriculum Developer

Matthew Low is a thoughtful and articulate scholar of the literary arts. An Anglo-Chinese School alumnus, his introspective journey with the world of literature and books began from a young age, when he realised that every work he dived into – stories, poems, and other forms – allowed him to look at the world in new ways, challenging him to find value in unexpected places. A recipient of the Nanyang Scholarship, Nanyang Technological University’s foremost undergraduate scholarship, Matthew took his passion for literature into his university studies, graduating with Highest Distinction Honours, and a Bachelor of Arts in English. During his time in NTU, he was a Dean’s Lister for three consecutive years, and received the School of Humanities Book Prize for English. At Academia, Matthew seeks to share with students his belief that literature enables us to explore the deepest and dearest thoughts and experiences from great intellects across time periods and geographical distances. A focused educator, his objective is to help students appreciate the artistry in each literary work they encounter. In the process, students learn to express themselves clearly and authentically, and gain confidence in their own language skills.

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Highly Guided

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