Olivier Tan (OTN)

Head of the Integrated Programme

Mr Olivier Tan firmly believes in the paramount importance of mastering the English language. A proud alumnus of his alma mater Hwa Chong Institution, he comprehends the significance of hard work in shaping one’s language foundation, driving him to excel in his English and develop a love for Literature. He followed his passion and graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in English Literature. Hardworking, dedicated and extraordinarily responsible, he is our youngest Head of a department for good reason, truly embodying the future-oriented direction of Academia and our belief in the unparalleled potential of millennials. Olivier is patient and affable, teaching his students to write in that quintessential English Lit style that is assured, elegant and elevated. His Literature curriculum provides our students with all the scaffolding they need to actually understand the subject in a systematic and logical manner. We know you will discover that his track record of supporting his students through all of their challenges make him extremely popular with students and parents.

Teaching Style

Highly Structured & Scaffolded



Highly Guided