Peggy Siao (PSO)

Senior Teacher

Ms Peggy Siao taught at a wide range of well-regarded primary schools with the MOE for 16 years before retiring from public service. We are thrilled to have her teaching our young minds at Academia! Ms Peggy is kind and nurturing, always treating her students with the utmost care and concern. Her approach to teaching her students involves gentle guiding them to the right technique or answer, through encouragement and reinforcement. We believe that her approach works very well for students who respond to positive reinforcement and have seen how she is able to inspire even the timidest or quietest student. With a gradual and careful approach, she helps her students to open up and develop a positive attitude towards English and learning in general. In her free time, Ms Peggy can be found volunteering at the MacPherson Wellness Centre or teaching Sunday School.

Teaching Style


Direct Feedback


Highly Guided