Sarah Lim (SLM)

Literature Specialist

Sarah Lim is a quietly thoughtful and soft-spoken type, one who has constructed a vibrant and beautiful inner world of literature and books. She welcomes children into this poetic world of books and reading, for she believes that even the youngest child can and should learn to appreciate literature. This passion is something that aligns perfectly with Academia’s vision for our students. With a B.A. in English (Honours) from NTU and 5 years of teaching experience, the SCGS alumna’s journey to continue her higher education in English was sidetracked when she discovered her love for teaching the youngest children at a Montessori preschool early in her career, as well as a stint teaching English and Literature in Canada. We honour her journey so far and see in her a path for gently coaching quiet, introspective types. The teacher-student relationship can take on a subtle and pervasive dimension, like water, which is soft and yet incredibly resilient. In a world of diverse student types and needs, teacher Sarah brings with her patience, understanding and friendship.

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