Scott Allen Provens (SAP)

Senior Teacher

Originally from America, Mr Scott Provens moved to Singapore in 2008, along with his background in English writing, biography reading and oral presentations. Having worked with global educators on projects that impact learning on a macro level, he is well-versed in crafting new curriculum and improving with novel and refreshing approaches to learning. His 8 years of teaching experience includes teaching in Singapore American School and Singapore Japanese School. He is excited about blending insights from his international teaching experience with Academia’s Singapore-centric curriculum. His philosophy in teaching is also what he teaches his students, and is what he terms the “Albert approach” (after Albert Einstein’s famous quote): the key to learning is asking the right questions. This is a quote he shares with his students, past and present. Scott guides his classes with an inquisitive and vibrant quality, engaging and encouraging his students through active learning.

Teaching Style


Highly Guided