Sherman Tseng (ST)

Director of Teaching & Curriculum

Mr Sherman Tseng is the former Vice-Principal at a well-regarded primary school with years of insider experience behind him. Also a former Department Head of English, he brings precision and clarity to teaching pedagogy and curriculum development. A previous recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award in 2007 from the MOE, his passion for teaching is evident from the legions of students whom he has taught. Bringing PSLE marking and exam-setting expertise is only part of the equation, as Mr Tseng also possesses a creative and innovative teaching methodology to help students gain a handle on the proliferating demands of the new English PSLE. His highly-acclaimed parents’ workshops have been in great demand every year as he knows how to triangulate between the needs of students, parents and the local syllabus. Mr Tseng also has a keen interest in developing a multimedia approach to language development, a trend which the educational landscape is likely to pursue even further in the years to come.

Teaching Style

Detailed & Deconstructed


Highly Structured & Scaffolded

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