The Fellows:
A combined expertise of both local and international pedagogical systems. Providing a holistic curriculum that enables independent thinkers and self-directed learners.

The A Team

Founded in 2013, Academia’s vision has always been to create a vibrant community of educators who share the same philosophy that learning can be a powerful and transformational experience. Today, we continue to make progress in that direction. As a collective, our educators represent a diversity of teaching styles, pedagogies and passions which they are empowered to bring to their lesson. And as a community of educators, decision-making is decentralised, allowing each individual voice to be heard and de-prioritising top-down approaches to education in favour of collective responsibility and accountability. In short, Academia is a diverse, decentralised and communitarian company that places educators at the heart of the company, so they can bring their best selves to every single lesson.

Director of PSLE and Gifted Studies

Johann Loh (JL)

Director of General Paper & Pre-University Studies

Dr Neil Laurence Coomber (NLC)

Academic Head of the Integrated Programme

Olivier Tan (OTN)

Academic Head of O-Levels and International Baccalaureate

Azrael Tseng (AT)

Head of Literature Department

Sarah Lim (SLM)

Head of Curriculum & Mentorship

Christina Sum (CS)

Specialist Teacher

Alicia Cheng (ACG)

Senior Teacher

Mumtazah Mustaffa (MMA)

Teaching Associate & Curriculum Developer

Jeremiah Sng (JSG)

Teaching Associate & Curriculum Developer

Koh Shi Yi (KSY)

Curriculum Developer & Teaching Associate

Amanpreet Singh (ASH)

Teaching Associate

Annabelle Lim (ALM)