This holiday period, Academia offers primary school students the opportunity to develop their expressiveness through writing.

Lower Primary Holiday Programme Schedule 2022

This holiday period, Academia offers primary school students the opportunity to develop their expressiveness through writing.

Students can choose from our range of workshops — from modules that focus on illustrating elements from their daily life, to classes that bring them on a journey to discover and imagine tangible and relatable characters. Each workshop explores a different theme, and students will have produced a portfolio of well-crafted stories by the end of the classes.

Students can expect a fun, engaging, and meaningful experience. They will gain both confidence in their craft, and the ability to compose more compelling writing.

1. WRI 110 Everyday Heroes

Professional writers create stories built around characters, which is an effective way to ground our writing in something tangible and, most importantly, relatable. This iteration of WRI110 is designed to teach Primary 2 to 4 students how to apply the same techniques to their own writing.

Over the course of the workshop, we’ll break down the components of a good story into bite-sized activities that rely on sensorial stimuli, allowing young writers to phenomenologically internalise and translate these insights on paper. These include grammar and vocabulary boosters, kinaesthetic character development, and channelling emotions to writing. Students will take away a new theoretical framework in the form of storyboarding.

At the end of the workshop, each student will be walking away with their very own creations — and the ability to craft more!

Thursday 8 — Friday 9 December
10 am to 12 pm


For Primary 2 — 4 students in 2023

120 before GST for full course

Ms Annabelle Lim

2. WRI101 Values and Virtues

Compassion, honesty, kindness, generosity. From fables to fairy tales, bildungsromans to science fiction, values and virtues have been central elements in storytelling since the dawn of time. Stories inspire us to be better versions of ourselves, placing us in the shoes of courageous heroes, loyal friends, and gentle supporters. The greatest protagonists must overcome both internal and external conflicts, in order to do what’s right.

At the middle primary level, too, values and virtues are recurring themes, often times with a social impact. Students must imagine the challenges faced by their characters, and the paths that are open to them. This module will cover situations in which aforesaid virtues are demonstrated and exemplified with just the right touch. Conducted as a workshop, students will have produced three well-crafted stories by the end of the module.

Monday 12 — Wednesday 14 December
10 to 12 pm


For Primary 3 — 5 students in 2023

180 before GST for full course

Ms. Koh Shi Yi

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