A simple 2-day workshop, but an unbelievable leap into the world of story-telling and characterisation.

March Holidays: Fundamentals Writing and Tableau Workshop

Craft your version of George’s Marvellous Medicine this March Holidays!

Honing one’s creative writing skills is arguably one of the hardest steps in the path to academic success. At Academia, we believe it’s important to build a good foundation. This is why we designed a writing and tableau workshop just for Primary 1-2 students.

Every good story is supported by well-developed characters. This 2-day workshop places an emphasis on fostering intrinsic characterisation skills, with a literary approach. Students will partake in guided activities designed to help them take a walk in the characters’ shoes, fostering a deeper understanding for the characters they use in their stories. They will learn practical ways of analysing and conveying characters’ emotions and thoughts to paper, while drawing inspiration from their daily encounters, all of which are comprehensively broken-down into methodological approaches in easily digestible bites.

A simple 2-day workshop with an introductory dive into the intricate scaffolding of character building, but an unbelievable leap into the world of story-telling that provides an advantage as they begin composition-writing in school. Join us for a marvellous 2 days of inspiration and fun.

Fees: 220 before gst | 175 for Academia Clients
Date and Time: Tuesday 15 - Wednesday 16 March, 12.30pm - 2.30pm
Mode: On-campus

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