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Movies we Watch // Inclusivity on the Big Screen

It’s Popcorn Day! Earlier this month, we shared about visual impairment and the need to create greater accessibility for this group of people in our environment. We have also shared about other types of disabilities/impairments before, information that we feel will help contribute to a more inclusive society.

Movies are an amazing medium that creators have been using to convey important messages about the human condition and our society. The representation of persons outside of the perceived norm in media is important to tackle societal stigmas and misconceptions, and can play a key role in transforming perceptions to create greater inclusivity in our community.

In our ongoing campaign towards equity and broadening perspectives, we would like to share some movies that our teachers and staff personally recommend, that have helped open our eyes.

An overview:


A short blurb on what each movie is about:


Happy browsing~

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