Our mission is to make learning intuitive in order to maximise educational outcomes for every student. Founded in 2013, Academia represents the highest evolution of the concept of education with a humanities-oriented philosophy. In a world where the financial, managerial, and entrepreneurial class constitute the highest level of achievement — we bring together the knowledge, skills and performance that help your child get to that destination. English, Literature and General Paper are woven together to form an unabashedly intellectual fabric of knowledge. Blending elements from the local education system with strategies re-engineered from top higher educational institutions and liberal arts colleges, our programme intelligently responds to your needs. We create empowered, smart and confident individuals who can navigate and dominate their future careers.
Our programmes are built upon weekly tutorials. But the educational relationship that is seeded when our clients join Academia grows far deeper roots than that. Fine-grained differences between students are addressed. Portfolios and data are tracked to ensure that our students stick to the plan. Our clients also receive access to the best expertise when required. Scaffolding is highly structured; clients enjoy unparalleled access to our expertise at every stage. Technology does not supplant human interaction; it supplements it. Our unique technological solutions and interfaces turn learning into a seamless 360° experience for both educator and student. Learn to be smart. It’s the best future-proof investment.