Level Five General Paper is an examination-focused programme engineered to deliver high performance for the A Levels. Students cycle through the latest content intentionally structured around examination topics with saliency and recency. Essay writing is micromanaged in a structured and highly technical manner, ensuring absolute precision, clarity, and coherence. Localised content knowledge is deconstructed and reconstructed in a scaffolded manner, enabling students to evaluate claims using structured theoretical frameworks. Comprehension and summary are reinforced with relentless practice that ramps up to peak performance, with university applications taking on paramount importance.

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General Paper Year 5
General Paper Year 6

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Essay Writing: Deep explorations of all examinable topics, scaffolded across various debates and thinking frameworks. Students utilise a range of critical techniques and thinking frameworks to successfully structure and develop their arguments with the highest levels of clarity and precision. Writing and feedback are cycled through persistently, enabling peak examination performance.

Comprehension: Successfully analyse and respond to complex argumentative or opinion-editorial texts, including highly complex or abstract language and literary elements and rhetorical devices. Successfully analyse literary devices, use of language, textual features and their specific effects on the reader. Paraphrasing skills and techniques are persistently micromanaged up to the day of the examination.

Summary: Source or infer all points in information-dense or highly rhetorical texts, including opinion editorials and journalistic writing. Paraphrase idiomatically, extensively and in a concise manner, retaining all meaning and nuance.

Application Question: Produce highly insightful, coherent and information-rich argumentative responses or application question evaluations, ensuring that responses are nuanced, insightful, coherent, well-substantiated, and impressive.

The Academia Advantage

Socratic Tutorials: Lessons are organised as small-group tutorials rather than lectures, intentionally structured to elicit critical thinking through Socratic questioning and discussion.

Constant Feedback: With a high production of written work, students receive a stream of insightful feedback that supports deep skills transformations.

Liberal Arts Programme: Texts are intentionally architected using various critical approaches to immerse students in topics across a range of social, political, economic, cultural, technological, religious, environmental and ethical (SPECTRE) disciplines with exam-oriented saliency and recency, in addition to high corporate value.

Global Writing Style: Students are immersed in an intellectual, academic, high-capitalist, highly globalised style of writing that provides access across the Anglophone cultural capitals of the world — London, New York and Singapore. These advantageous skills are invaluable for writing remarkable personal essays and navigating global university applications.

Competitive Performance: A competitive training culture managed in a structured and psychologically safe manner under the auspices of a 360 coaching approach ensures that students are able to sustain persistent peak performance during the entirety of the pre-university process.

Critical Literacy: Students are well-equipped to successfully critically analyse texts, including their inferred meanings, textual effects and use of language at the level of high-stakes examinations, university application essays, and interviews.

Metacognition: Students possess awareness of texts, their abilities, and learning objectives in various objectives, endowed with the skills and strategies to allocate their time, energy and resources efficiently across a range of examinations and applications processes.

Optimised Flow: Students successfully enter psychologically optimised flow states at peak performance, enjoying high-functioning mental states under high levels of scrutiny by global institutions.

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