Our Level One is engineered to accelerate intermediate students who have an intuitive understanding of the fundamental aspects of English. Grammar and vocabulary fundamentals are used to build higher-order skills in reading and writing. Furthermore, logical reasoning, inferential skills, creative writing techniques, and literary appreciation are layered over a rigorous and scaffolded language framework.

Recommended For

Primary 3
Primary 4 Mainstream

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Creative Writing: Construct authentic and insightful texts of varying lengths that are expressive and insightful.

Reading Comprehension: Introduce students to increasingly dense texts across a wide range of genres to build true understanding and critical literacy.

Multimodal Texts: Analyse multimodal texts with graphics and other visual media with insightful contextual understanding.

Cloze Passage: Read passages with understanding of meaning, using idiomatic language and grammatical competence to fill in missing information.

Grammar: Introduce a diverse range of grammatical and syntactical structures to actively develop and transform sentences.

Vocabulary: Engage students with increasingly abstract, technical and literary vocabulary to enable them to engage with a diverse range of texts.

Speaking: Develop highly scaffolded and increasingly formalised verbal responses, including responses to multimodal texts.

The Academia Advantage

Liberal Arts Programme: Texts are carefully curated to explore a wide range of age-appropriate subjects across a plethora of social and cultural contexts.

Literary Techniques: Creative writing techniques are specifically engineered in-house to reflect age-appropriate literary techniques.

Critical Literacy: Using deconstruction and critical awareness questions, students learn to annotate in the margins and develop a critical understanding of various texts.

Global Pedagogies: Incorporating elements from Common Core standards and SSATs, students engage in various forms of verbal and logical reasoning.

Giftedness: These advantageous skills are apt for gifted programme selection rounds.

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