Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 English Tuition Singapore

A rigorous skills-based core, structured around | thematic cycles | built around important global themes and issues: what we call Big Ideas.

Class Schedule

2023 Schedule 

Level Three

Tuesday (MC): 5pm – 7pm

Tuesday (MO): 7.15pm – 9.15pm

Wednesday (MO): 5pm – 7pm

Wednesday (MC): 7.15pm – 9.15pm

Thursday (MC): 5pm – 7pm

Thursday (MC): 7.15pm – 9.15pm

Friday (MC): 7.15pm – 9.15pm

Saturday (MC): 10am – 12pm

Saturday (MC): 2pm – 4pm

Saturday (MC + MO): 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Sunday (MC): 10am – 12pm

Sunday (MC): 4.30pm – 6.30pm

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Language Arts, meet the Liberal Arts. We took our English curriculum, layered in our Literature programme, and redesigned it around literary analysis, critical theory, and all-round transferable skills for the humanities. There’s no other programme in Singapore that takes you from the local to the global — with authentic artistry. Year One and Two IP, IB, and O level students are all welcome. 

Our classic Level Three English programme had already been designed to provide a broad exposure to all of the various elements in English across all of the programmes in Singapore. However, we were still not satisfied with it. 

So, we’ve taken that syllabus and reworked it to align it with a rigorous skills-based core, structured around thematic cycles built around important global themes and issues: what we call Big Ideas. On top of that, we’ve reworked Literature back into the programme, so each global theme becomes a multifaceted pedagogical unit incorporating critical analysis of a wide range of narratives, literary analysis built around both literary techniques and basic critical theory in literature. We’ll also provide scaffolded content addressing aforesaid Big Ideas bridging the local with the global, along with the relevant theoretical frameworks. All this will be reified and concretised with essay writing skills that — based on our big-picture goals for our students — are transferable across a wide domain of Humanities-oriented disciplines. 

If that sounds incredibly complex to create — it was! This programme represents the culmination of years of research, groundwork and development, with the amazing educator hive-mind at Academia carefully architecting pedagogy from top schools around the world. The final product represents what we believe a termly Liberal Arts Programme for secondary school students looks like — and that’s why it’s the perfect programme for a wide swathe of motivated and ambitious students from the IP, IB, and O levels. 


  1. Year Two students in HCI and NYGH, we would recommend that you go on to Level Four IP, which focuses primarily on highly scaffolded content for argumentative essays and comprehension, GP-lite summary, and application questions organised around content-intensive topical units.
  2. There are a very limited number of placements for classes oriented towards the RI and RGS syllabuses specifically.

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