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Level Two A represents the first step towards complete consolidation of all primary-level skills, for students who have reached standard fluency and competence in reading, writing and speaking. Higher-order skills and meta-awareness are prioritised, building on a strong language framework typically achieved in Level One. Literary writing techniques create culturally apt effects that delight readers. Students learn to read inferentially and analyse basic language and textual effects. Grammar and vocabulary is specifically deployed to create precise and intentional meaning.

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Primary 4 GEP
Primary 5 GEP
Primary 5 Mainstream

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Creative Writing: Construct insightful and remarkable narrative texts, employing literary techniques, culturally relevant idiomatic expressions and vocabulary gems to create contemporary high-culture stories.

Reading Comprehension: Accurately analyse and respond to dense and diverse texts. Construct analytical responses across a variety of critical question formats, demonstrating flexibility, true literacy, and conceptual awareness.

Cloze Passage: Create a scaffolded mental framework to deconstruct passages analytically, enabling idiomatic and precise use of language that takes into account a wide range of textual contexts.

Multimodal Texts: Build an overarching theoretical framework to critically analyse multimodal texts with graphics and other visual media. Understand basic organisational structures, textual effects and language use.

Grammar: Introduce the full range of all grammatical and syntactical structures in English to actively develop and transform advanced, complex sentences. Create an analytic approach to analysing sentence structures. Employ precise, accurate and idiomatic grammatical tools across a diverse variety of components, including production.

Vocabulary: Develop technical accuracy across a full range of diverse vocabulary and learn to differentiate their shifting meanings and relationships in varying contexts. Remarkable vocabulary in the form of idiomatic expressions and vocabulary gems are internalised and intentionally utilised in writing and other components.

Public Speaking and Quick-fire Questions: Internalise and employ structured verbal responses, developing personalisation and clearly expressing opinions, suggestions and reflections in a culturally apt manner. Introduce text frames and rhetorical devices to enhance speaking.

Active Listening: Listen with insight, discerning meaning even when it is inferential or counterfactual.

The Academia Advantage

Liberal Arts Programme: Texts are deliberately engineered to breed familiarity with a wide range of age-appropriate subjects in a global context, creating global citizens and thought leaders.

Global Discourse and Literature: Writing skills are developed to reflect a synthesis between local and global high culture, enabling students to produce narratives and texts to meet local requirements while simultaneously navigating global discourse.

Critical Literacy: Students are trained to instinctively critically analyse texts, rendering their inferred meanings, textual effects and use of language immediately apparent, through critical analysis of texts in class.

Meta-Awareness: Students begin to build meta-awareness of texts, their own selves, and their mental relationships to texts. Basic frameworks for meta-analysis are introduced to encourage students to be intentional and think clearly.

Mental Stamina: Students begin to be trained to develop focus and mental stamina, with learning environments designed to encourage the entering of a psychological state of flow.

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