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Level Two B is the total and high-stakes consolidation of all primary-level skills, for students who are sitting for the PSLE. Critical grammar and vocabulary notions, as well as examination techniques are consistently and continually reinforced with the aims of achieving full accuracy and zero errors. Higher-order writing skills infused with culturally relevant and critical reading skills ensure that students successfully navigate to school systems of their choice.

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Primary 6 GEP
Primary 6 Mainstream

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Exam-Centric Composition Writing: Construct insightful and remarkable narrative texts, employing literary techniques, culturally relevant idiomatic expressions and vocabulary gems to create contemporary high-culture stories that are universally delightful to examiners.

Narrative Comprehension: Accurately analyse and respond to narrative texts. Construct precise responses across a variety of critical question formats, understanding the expectations for high-stakes examinations.

Cloze Passage: Use an internalised mental framework to analyse passages and source enabling idiomatic and precise answers that specifically addresses the context of the text.

Multimodal Texts: Use a clear theoretical framework to critically analyse multimodal texts with graphics and other visual media. Respond accurately to questions about organisational structures, textual effects and language use.

Grammar: Employ the full range of all grammatical and syntactical structures in English to synthesise and transform advanced, complex sentences. Use precise, accurate and idiomatic grammatical knowledge to answer all question types across all components, as well as ensure zero errors in all forms of writing.

Vocabulary: Use technically accurate and precise vocabulary in context to answer questions across all components with zero errors. Remarkable vocabulary in the form of idiomatic expressions and vocabulary gems are internalised and intentionally utilised in writing and other components to demonstrate high language competence to examiners.

Orals: Produce structured and impressive verbal responses that are personalised and include clearly expressed opinions, suggestions and reflections in a culturally apt manner.

Active Listening: Listen with insight, analysing inferences and counterfactuals, in order to accurately answer all questions on texts.

The Academia Advantage

Literary Arts Programme: Texts are deliberately engineered to persistently prime the brain with a stream of diverse texts with high-cultural value, engineering them for performance.

Examination Performance: A competitive training culture managed in a structured and psychologically safe manner under the auspices of a 360 coaching approach ensures that students perform at the highest level.

Critical Literacy: Students are well-equipped to successfully critically analyse texts, including their inferred meanings, textual effects and use of language at the highest examination levels.

Metacognition: Students gain awareness of texts, their abilities, and the requirements of high-stakes examinations, with the skills to allocate their time, energy and resources to delivering success.

Optimised Flow: Students successfully enter psychologically optimised flow states at peak performance, enjoying high-functioning mental states in all conditions.

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