Primary 1 and Primary 2 English Lessons Singapore

Our Level Zero A is designed to start students off on the ground floor, kick-starting core language competencies across fundamental aspects. These include grammar, vocabulary, reading with understanding, and speaking with confidence.

Recommended For

Primary 1
Primary 2 requiring basics
New non-English speakers

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Vocabulary: Endow students with learner’s vocabulary to enable them to read and understand texts at a beginner level. Additionally, cloze passages, word order exercises, and mini writing exercises provide opportunities for students to apply their learning in context.

Grammar: Introduce formal grammatical elements and their usage, including parts of speech, basic sentence syntax, conjunctions and prepositions. Reading Comprehension: Introduce students to highly scaffolded texts at a beginner level, ensuring true understanding and literacy. Construct written and verbal answers that are grammatical and where meaning is discernible and clear.

Multimodal Elements: Use multimodal elements such as graphics and visual media to develop clear word associations.

Scaffolded Writing: Construct grammatical and meaningful texts of varying lengths that express the student’s authentic and desired connotations. Produce scaffolded writing ranging from informal to formalised texts and narratives.

The Academia Advantage

Multimodal Stimuli: We develop a wide range of multimodal texts to engage all aspects of language and build true literacy.

Activity-Based Pedagogy: Each lesson is designed as a highly productive workshop. Production means that students are continually challenged to produce verbal, written and textual responses that build true literacy. Throughout the course, students engage in interactive activities, such as flashcards, games, and picture descriptions, to enhance their understanding and retention of the material.

Immersive Environment: Lessons create an immersive language environment that accelerates the development of literacy in English.

Rapid Formalisation: Pedagogy is engineered to ensure that formalisation of skills takes place rapidly, so students can progress to the next level.

Individual and Collaborative Learning: Students are assigned a plethora of tasks and engage in highly scaffolded group work to develop real-world language skills.

The Arc of the Term

Term 1: Alphabet Recognition and sounds are parlayed into basic vocabulary and intuitive grammar. A mid-term assessment consolidates these early beginners’ steps, before prepositions, conjunctions and parts of speech come into play, finishing off with an End-of-Term Assessment for the entire term.

Term 2: Experience the transformative power of our 12-week Term 2 in the Pre-Primary 1 English Bridge Course. Go on a deeper dive into question words, simple tenses, pronouns, countable and uncountable nouns, and comparisons. Gauge your progress with mid-term and end-of-term assessments.

Term 3: Students will learn key grammar components such as negative sentences, imperatives, possessives, subject-verb agreement, and basic idioms and phrases. These topics are designed to enhance their understanding of English grammar and language skills. The course includes mid-term and end-of-term assessments to measure progress and provide transparency for parents.

Term 4: A comprehensive 12-week program designed to enhance English language skills. It covers essential topics such as modal verbs, contractions, and plurals, while also addressing common mistakes and introducing basic transition words. The course includes mid-term and end-of-term assessments to track progress and ensure academic growth.

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