Welcome to a whole new world of Secondary English. To survive, you will need an insightful knowledge of contemporary global issues, literary sensitivity, and most importantly, the ability to write with the right type of rhetorical flourish.

Class Schedule

This 6-week programme is 570, before GST and on-campus fee (if applicable).


Lesson 1: Literary Comprehension and Unseen Prose (6 Nov)

Friday (MO + MC): 3pm – 5pm


Lesson 2: Personal Recount (13 Nov)

Friday (MO + MC): 3pm – 5pm


Lesson 3: Formal Email and Speech (20 Nov)

Friday (MO + MC): 3pm – 5pm


Lesson 4: Expository Comprehension and Summary (27 Nov)

Friday (MO + MC): 3pm – 5pm


Lesson 5: Expository Essay (4 Dec)

Friday (MO + MC): 3pm – 5pm


Lesson 6: Unseen Poetry (11 Dec)

Friday (MO + MC): 3pm – 5pm

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The Secondary One Prep Programme gives you a head start into honing the new skills required at the Secondary level, with a direct and practical inception to the new topics introduced at Secondary English.

If you’ve been with us in Primary school, you’ve already cultivated a deep set of writing skills with a literary aspect. The programme will help you to translate, upgrade and apply these sophisticated writing skills across a new set of applications. We’re excited – are you?

The 6-week programme for this November 2020 is available both online and on-campus*, with the sessions running concurrently on Fridays, 3pm – 5pm.

*On-campus fee applies.

Academia Privileges:

Academia’s 2020 P6 graduates and L3 students for 2021 get to enjoy an exclusive 20% off the programme!

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