Information on Academia's 2021 Secondary Prep Programme

A 6-week course to build strengths, competencies and higher-level skills in Secondary English.

Secondary 1 Prep Programme

Calling all PSLE graduates and Secondary-bound students! Learn about Language Arts through popular culture and media this holiday at Academia’s Secondary 1 Prep Programme!

The Language Arts programme in the Secondary English level is a poignant shift in competency focus, with Literature as an added element. Academia’s Secondary 1 Prep Programme is a 6-week course that offers an eye-opening dive into a different aspect of Language Arts each week.

Students will be gaining new perspectives through the exploration of various iconic popular culture media, like songs and movies, using the critical lens of higher-order skills that are essential for Secondary English. At the end of the course, students will have gained not just skills for the Secondary English level, but also a more matured understanding of language.

Course outline:

Week 1: Intro to Language Arts (EL + Lit)
Week 2: Poetic Devices and Forming Impressions
Week 3: Creative Writing
Week 4: Editing and Situational Writing
Week 5: Comprehension Skills
Week 6: Summary Skills and Wrap-up

Both online and on-campus options are available. The course will begin the week of 28 October, and will end the week of 3 December.

Course Fee: 681.7


Thursday, 330 - 530pm
*Please note that class on Week 2 (4 November) will be conducted on Wednesday 3 November, 330 - 530pm, in view of the Deepavali holiday.


Friday, 330 - 530pm
On Cogito

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